we went to the BAHAMAS!

I won an all expense paid trip though my hair care company and it was optional to bring a guest, all you had to do was pay for the flight... well guess what! My thirteen year old daughter happens to be my Southwest free companion so it was a no brainer who was going with me!


So many of you already can see several women in the photography industry that are jumping on the Monat Haircare train as their choice for a side income… so what that means for me, every time we go on a trip, I get to spend more time with my favorite photographer friends and have made so many new friends that aren’t photographers along the way too! Getting to share my “work” friends with my daughter was like having my two worlds collide. Introducing her to the women who have my back, who have a drive for work and manage being a momma while being a successful business owner was everything.

This trip was so magical even though we didn’t even leave the resort. It was my daughters first time out of the country. We stayed at Baha Mar and we had the entire report to ourselves!


Yes, we were there for our haircare company…but photographers are going to do what photographers do…and as a tired and wore out mom of four I was so excited to have this time with my daughter and my girlfriends.

nothing beats a pinA colada in a coconut!

nothing beats a pinA colada in a coconut!

The best trips are the ones you just have to pack your baiting suits, leave the cold rainy weather behind and enjoy the island life! am’iright!