a few of my favorite things

I am often asked questions that have absolutely nothing to do with photography... such as what makeup I use or where I buy my clothes or accessories, etc. So I have decided to start doing a "favorite things" post for the 3 of you that even care what I love! haha I have always been the type to obsess over fun finds. Like I should get paid to promote things I love because I yell it to the world and think everyone should be as excited as me about whatever it is! So for those of you who follow me on Instagram (and if you don't you should) ;)  you have heard me raving about BB cream and then the makeup market decided to one up BB and come out with a CC cream...so naturally I HAD to get that too! Today I will tell you about it.

Basically BB cream is a primer, foundation and sun screen in one. and well CC cream is all that and a bag of chips... no really it is a the primer, foundation, sunscreen AND a dark spot corrector, apparently is evens out your skin tone AND works on healing it too. yay for youthful skin!

As I have graduated into the "middle aged" bracket (vomit) I have realized that my tinted moisturizer just isn't cutting it anymore and I need to really up my makeup game. So like any women needing makeup tips and how-tos...I turned to YouTube and got my cosmetology license! ;) Kidding. I know cosmetology school is not easy and takes a ton of dedication, but I will say I now feel like I am a legit makeup artist! ;) So the first thing I learned, it DOES matter how you apply your makeup. I have always used a sponge (you know, one of those white round ones that come in a packet of 6) but I have always noticed how much of my foundation was left on the sponge... was it even getting on my face? According to YouTube, the better way to apply is with a brush...who knew?


1. My brushes. I love MAC brushes, but was introduced to Sigma brushes and have fallen in love...with the quality and price tag too! ;)

2. So when starting out with the BB cream, the Garnier cream was my favorite (although it was extra dewy and left my face a little sticky) But I'd mix it half and half with a foundation (or my CC cream to get the color I liked and to cut down on the dewy-ness).

3. I put a pea sized drop on my hand and blended it there. (here I have Garnier BB cream mixed with Makeup Forever foundation)

4. This is the F80 flat Kabuki Sigma brush ($18.00) apply is swirls and you have flawless skin.... some say this is better than airbrushing! wow

5. Then I use the Eye Roller by Garnier to conceal under my eyes...and those STUPID dark spots I have just gotten...at first I thought they were sun spots but I now think they are hormonally related... none the less, I do have an appt with a dermatologist AND esthetician!! those babies need to GO!

6. I have also learned how important it is to highlight and contour your face... um again WHO KNEW! (different post will show the difference it makes)

7. My new favorite eye shadows... Urban Decay Naked Pallets... I have the original and Naked 2. and love them BOTH.

8. Again, BRUSHES make such a HUGE difference!!!

9. here is my BEFORE face (I seriously can NOT believe I am posting this... my dark spots make me want to run and hide) but for you guys I did it.

10. and the AFTER face. That is a pretty good difference the BB/CC cream made!!!

So what is next? you name it!!

any questions... I am very aware I am NO professional, just a momma trying to stay young looking as long as I can and from the looks of my makeup post on IG many of you are as lost as I am so if I can help I am HAPPY!