7th grade History Project

yes, I have been crazy busy helping my son with his 7th grade history project! This was actually way more fun than I expected (I mean minus the staying up until 2am the night before it was due part)!! The assignment was to go on a scavenger hun through our town and find historical markers with the clues we were given and then take pictures of the places we found and document what happened there. I just never realized how much I didn't take time to notice the town I live in...and have lived in almost my entire life!

My son and I went out one afternoon, just parked and took our map with clues on it and walked the streets of this tiny little town that is so full of amazing Texas history. I got to show him the church I went to as a little girl that is now just a historical marker...NO I AM NOT THAT OLD! and walk through cemeteries with names of  families that are still here today. It was really a fun project....and thank goodness because I get to do it THREE more times in the next few years! ;)