a little of who I am...

SpankiMills_1082 People see that we are moving...AGAIN. I am getting asked several questions... here it is...here is ME.... part of my "story" starts like this... We were 21 years old with a baby on the way. Both of us had to quit college to start our journey in the "adult" life we chose. We did all we knew to do with a baby on the way, we bought our first home... and we bought a home that was a "good deal".  We put a little blood, sweat and tears into that home. We painted (those of you who know me, know that painting and decorating is where my heart is) inside and out. Put new flooring down, changes a few light fixtures and got it all homely and perfectly us... Then we realized, if we listed it, we could pocket a pretty good little penny. So what the heck... we decided to list it and just see how it goes... long story short that was 15 years ago (and 16 houses and 7 tracks of land ago) and we are still at it. At first I fought it. It was unconventional and not the "norm". We were talked about and we heard the whispers from miles away. Why couldn't we just be happy with what we had? Why we were always trying to live above our means at such a young age? Why didn't we have 8-5 jobs with insurance like the rest of them? We heard it all. and yes... It made me question what we were doing...but deep down I loved it and it was ALL we knew to do to "make a living for our family". I was proud of us. We had the world stacked against us. No one said we'd "make it" at 21 and no college education. But we fought. We fought hard. Maybe we didn't do it the way everyone "expected" or saw as "right" but none the less...we DID IT. .It was just a way of life for US and honestly it has become something we really enjoy and I find myself craving the next remodel project.


Sometimes we buy old houses... sometimes they are foreclosures. Times we have built and others times we have just bought raw land and cleaned it up and sold it.. we never know what our next project may be.

SpankiMills_1081 We have been questioned. Made fun of. Put down for not having a "real job" but none the less, we haven't given up. We keep going. Keep living the life WE WANT and ENJOY. Whether it makes sense to anyone on the outside or not. This is what OUR family does. As our kids have gotten older we have decided NOT to continue if they chose they don't want to move...but they don't mind. They get excited to go look at old home and see the potential in what it can be.

so, yes, I move... actually I move a LOT. And it is okay. It is just what we love. I love to find a home someone has given up on and go in and give it the love it needs. SpankiMills_1083 With every home we purchase we never know if this will be the last or if in a year we will have a for sale sign in the front yard. We leave it up to God to lead us and if we love it, we stay...if we are ready for a new adventure (which most of the time we are) then we pack it all up and find the next one. We know that no matter what four walls surround us...it is the people inside that make it a HOME. SpankiMills_1079 So do not get surprised if a year from now you see we are moving again. We just never really know...and honestly I love it like that. If you follow me long enough, you will get used to our crazy life and I ask you just embrace it with us! :) I will be posting our journey here so if you want to see the dilapidated piece of a craptastic house we are buying and watch as we give it love and try not to kill one another or strangle our kids in the process...check back often but HERE is the first of many post. We close the middle of June! if you are good at painting/construction/design/marriage counseling...contact me ;)