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SpankiMills_1228 This past year I had a rough year... I shared a little about it HERE. I was lost in what I was doing and lost sight of WHY I was doing it. I got swept up in playing it safe t make people "happy" all the while I was losing my love for my work and was sinking in a pit of self doubt and confusion. I was ready to give it all up because I really didn't even know who I was as an artist any more. I was so busy trying to make sure I was doing right by everyone else I ended up HATING what I was doing. SO, like I have said before, I ALWAYS feel there is good that comes from our dark moments... and the good from this is that I have come out of it with more clarity and have found my happy place again. I have talk to a few people about it and many have asked that I share with them what got me in this place and how I found my way out.

Whether you are just starting and don't know where to begin or if you have been in business for a while and feel like you are just in a creative rut.... I am here to help pull you out! It is so easy to get lost in who you are with so many amazing new photos popping up in your newsfeed. Or to get started admiring another photographer and using them as inspiration so much so that you forget what your OWN creative voice sounds like... I KNOW. I have created a full 5 days of self discovery, creative clarity and renewal. We will dig deep and open your eyes, heart and mind to what your inner creative is trying to speak, we will come up with ways to get your business out in your community and attract clients that value YOUR ART, and more than even that, you will have a week of bonding with other photographers who are struggling in the same way. The one thing money can not buy, beyond the shiny new equipment, past the perfectly thought out business cards, and deeper than the website you have designed....are FRIENDS who GET IT. A safe haven of friends you can be YOU and share your struggles, joy, fear and excitement with. We are going to experience AUSTIN, eat good, work hard, and have a week that you can walk away from CHANGED. JOIN US.

This will be FIVE days of learning but not really a "workshop setting" we will talk shot non stop…no question will be left unanswered…BUT it might be answered on a boat tour or while we are shopping the quirky shops of Austin for inspiration for our shoots later that evening. We will get our hands dirty and BUILD…yes ladies, bring those muscles…we are going discover ways to build our own "sets" and I will show you how you can change up your shooting even without a studio.

There will be 4 full (maybe more) sessions that will challenge you with your shooting and help build your portfolio to SHOW what your creative potential is to your inquiring clients. We will shoot styled shoots, natural light shoots, lifestyle shoots, and we will play with OCF and include some element of fun like fire, smoke, water, or…all of the above! I will show you how to communicate with your clients to have more creative control of your sessions and how to search out those clients who will BELIEVE in you and TRUST you enough to guide them in their session, and as result appreciate YOUR talent enough to PAY for it. We will go over marketing, and you will have access to ALL my workflow templates and you will COMPLETE them so when you go home all you have to do is add your images! We will also do your head shots so you show YOUR personality.

This is going to be a TON of fun but a LOT of work crammed into a full week so pack your bags, kiss your family goodbye and join me in AUSTIN TEXAS for a week that will change the way you view your business!

**ASK me about FRIEND discounts! :)

My 2014 workshops are now 5 day long retreats! My first one being in my NEW city:


SEPTEMBER 18-22, 2014

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