Design Aglow | Marketing and PR Guide

You all know my love and passion for Marketing whether it is in person marketing or social networking I LOVE IT. Design Aglow just made all my dreams come true! They created a PR & Marketing Guide and Calendar for a years worth of marketing "do's" There is advise from some of my fiends in the industry! This is a great great tool to make your business in 2013 be AMAZING!!! Oh did I mention I have a tiny little something to say in here too? Go get your copy and join me and lets ROCK our marketing together!!!


To check out more about this guide visit the Design Aglow Shop ! Here is what they have to say about it: Do marketing, social (and live!) networking, communications and public relations leave your head spinning? Do you have 1,001 ideas for the New Year but have no idea where to begin? Do you start, but never finish, projects? The Marketing and PR Calendar is a 41 page guide that has the answers to these questions that will help you plan, organize and act in a way that will ensure success in the upcoming year. This start to finish primer is another exceptional business product that will educate you on marketing and social media, provide you with worksheets so you can apply concepts immediately to your own business, and includes a Calendar to keep it all on track (and give you daily ideas and inspiration for those days when the well is dry!). If that's not enough, read up on how industry leaders manage their marketing and social media campaigns using everything from traditional marketing and PR campaigns to quick and easy social media hits! Think of this as a quick and easy version of "Marketing, PR and Social Media 101."