I challenge you.

I will be honest. I struggle. I struggle with my self image. and I know many of you do too. I do not know why us women have such a hard time loving ourselves but we do. I have seen it from every age to every size to every nationality. We struggle to love ourselves. We are our own worst critics and I am so over it. I want to see a picture of myself and not immediately spot out the faults I see in myself and see and LOVE myself. I know that God made me perfect, WHY do I have such a hard time seeing the good in myself? Why do you? I can tell you a thousand times over how beautiful you are and you STILL will not believe me....am I right? I know for myself that is truth. What do you see when you look at these images of me?

I will tell you what I see... (you have NO idea how hard this is for me. to see myself...THIS many of myself...right in my face and now in all of  yours) FIRST notice not ONE image I am smiling... I HATE my smile! hate it!! But I am a very happy person so it is almost funny that I let others see me as serious. And PLEASE PLEASE do not tell me I am crazy, I am NOT doing this so you can tell me I am pretty or being silly, I am being completely RAW with you guys and reminding you no matter what we ALL have a hard time seeing ourselves how others see us... so here I go....

1. I immediately see old skin... I see, clearly the zit. BUT most of all I see my jaw line... I got it from my father, I am not even sure, I chalk it up to big teeth in a tiny mouth. who knows but I hate it!!

2. hello nose and big ears... ears are such weird things don't you think?

3. only posted this one because it is the perfect distance AWAY from the camera for me! THIS is my comfort zone area.

4. okay YIKES.... I am seriously sweating while I write this post... this is NOT fun, but I am determined to get the stupid idea of hollywood perfect out of my mind... what is the deal with my neck, again the JAW, nose, thin hair...and to make matters works I am crinkling my forehead! nice.

5. jaw, but I do like that the glasses and hair hide the rest of my face.

6. NOSE. old skin, and forehead

7. there my nose is again! and now you are all seeing my very new and oh so hated sun/hormone spot between my eyes! ugh it keeps getting worse.

8. jaw and nose...and I cropped it so you can't laugh at my big forehead!

So now that I am ready to vomit from having to really open myself up and tell you what I see when I see myself... NOW you know why I want you to join me in a challenge. 30....OMG did I just say THIRTY days of selfies! We can do it... right???

Instagram, twitter or just for yourself (although I do feel like sharing your images will force you to be more brave)

Starting TODAY. hashtag #lovemyselfie #spankimillschallenge

Many of us are busy and can not guarantee we will actually be picture ready every day so I am giving you a list of ideas to try. You do not have to do them in any order, but thought a few suggestions would be fun and you can interpret them however YOU want!

1. Daily life  2. Reflecting  3. Black and White  4. Far  5. Angle  6. Raw  7. Light  8. Sun  9. Exposed  10. Color  11. Mood  12. Soul  13. Natural  14. Love  15. Loved  16. Low  17. Above  18. You  19. Mirror Mirror  20. Messy  21. Vulnerable  22. Motion  23. Laughter  24. Alone  25. Still

I only listed 25 because I can think of more than one way to shoot some so you can repeat them if you want! (I have never done a challenge before I have no clue how to do this) ;)

TOOLS/Apps TO HELP:  TimerCam  and  PicTapGO are my faves!!!