I did a thing...

2017-08-14_0009 I had a problem with storage in this tiny converted sunroom office. I knew I needed shelving but I also needed a desk space... I found the perfect solution on Pinterest. I decided why not try it for this space...


I went to my local hardware store, and got the adjustable shelf tracks in the closet organization aisle. Mine were ClosetMaid Brand like the ones HERE. I just got the white ones (they also come in black and silver). I measured the wall and knew how many I needed. You will also have to "map out" your shelving unit to know how many brackets LIKE THESE to purchase. (I actually bought a few extra to have around incase I felt like changing mine up from time to time).

Once I got them home I pre-measured the width of my wall and made sure the hight for all were level with the floor. This took a little brain work because I am not that great at math and numbers and straight things. And because NOT ONE hole fell on a stud, I made sure to use sheet rock screws to hold the weight of it all.



I lightly sprayed the tracks and brackets with Rust-oleum spray primer for metal. Once it was dry, I then did 2 coats of this pure gold metallic spray paint.



Clearly my set up wasn't science... if you don't know enough about me by now, you should know when I have an idea I am a "jump in and make it happen, lets think about logistics and all that dumb stuff later" kinda gal... sometimes that works for me....sometimes not so much! ;)


Then I put it all up and measured the 1' x 4's **I opted to use real wood instead of the pre-made plastic-y looking precut ones they have available with the units. You can ask the hardware store to cut them for you. mine were measured in 2" foot and 4" foot sections. (because my spans were 2" foot)


This is the most "brown" stain I quickly found browsing the stain aisle (because very little of this was thought out for this), I got an old sock...don't judge me...and ran the stain over the cut boards, let it dry and put them up. I also only did one coat because, well I was super anxious to get it done and that is just how I do things. I didn't secure them to the brackets, that again would have taken more time and yah...we have gone over this already! I felt the weight of the wood was fine. **the bottom shelf is wider 1' x 4" because I needed it to fit my computer (keep in mind those brackets need to be the longer ones as well).


there you have it. I made this entire unit for under $200 and in less than 2 hours. Any questions? If I can do it...with one hand while drinking my wine...anyone can do it...so go...build you a desk people!



drill and bit to pretrial sheetrock screw holes.

hammer to get those plastic sheetrock screw things in.

Phillips head screwdriver to put said screws into said plastic things in said holes.

sock or rag for stain.

*wine is optional but highly recommended.


shelf tracks (I used 4)

9' brackets (my unit layout used 14)

18' brackets (I used 3)

1' x 2" boards (I used 4)

1' x 4" boards (2 were used here)

1' x 2" x 4" piece of wood (I think that is how you say it...the bottom piece of wood for my "desktop") *I found this piece in a precut section of HomeDepot it was actually Birch wood but stained still matched the pine shelves.

stain of your choice.

spray primer.

spray paint.