iphone play | behind the scenes

so. this is so funny for me to actually blog about but YOU asked so here we go... it all STARTED

This image started the questions...to show how I come up with creative iPhone selfies. So let me tell you what I look for


Simple as that.

so I walked around my house and noticed where the light was...

SO. I knew I wanted my background to be dark (since I hadn't cleaned my house) so I looked for DIRECT, bright light and this is what I got...

by tapping on my phone screen to expose to my face I got this:

ok. so I can work with that... a little editing and I think I can make it want I was wanting (notice how dark the back got) My favorite iPhone editing tools is the VSCO cam app. and here you go...the final product:

I hope this gives you inspiration to play and FIND YOUR LIGHT! Here are a few more images I have used light to make it a little more fun...