It is summer!

It is summer... AWESOME we get to sleep late and stay up to see the stars in the warm Texas sky.

BUT it also means it is time for me to SLOW. IT. DOWN. Here in TX, our summers are a lot like the winters you guys have up north... we kind of all shut down and keep COOL! So what does that mean for me with Spanki Mills Photography? Well it means a TON of new things brewing up. It is time I grow creatively, time I allow myself to do the projects I have been wanting to do with my own children and it means creating for YOU. I have a long list of things I am wanting to do for you guys...

so far this is what my travel plans look like....

JULY 15th I will be in Gulf Shores, AL for my twins select baseball tournament... I am offering a first come first serve mentoring/session while I am there. My time will be limited BUT this will be discounted prices since I will already be there. IF you are in the area and wanting mentoring, family/children/senior or creative artist sessions please let me know ASAP!

WORKSHOPS!!!! Lets talk workshops. I have THREE currently on the books and am trying to get one in Chicago in Sept. but here is what I have so far...

AUGUST 3rd - Monterey, CA "a day with Spanki" workshop info HERE!

OCTOBER 5th- South Jersey, NJ "a day with Spanki" workshop info HERE!

OCTOBER 19th- Phoenix, AZ "a day with Spanki" workshop info HERE! **this one will be extra special as my sweet friend Jasen with Studio Moirae and I celebrate our birthdays together this week!!

AND I am opening up a SUMMER edition of SIMPLY SPANKI the online workshop that will begin June 15th. Details coming SOON! please put the workshop CITY in the subject line.