its that time of year...

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so it is that time of year...where the excitement of all things re-newed and that overwhelming sense of  the "what if's" fill our minds. the dreams, the goals, the motivation to change. to do better.


I am with you. this year that feeling seems to be a little stronger... it seems to be pulling a little harder and the cheers seem to be a little louder in my mind. that "Spanki, you can do it! you can dream and you can plan and this year YOU WILL SUCCEED" has got me so excited for the year to come. I am not sure why this year I am more excited, more ready to face whats ahead, maybe it is God telling my soul "You got this"...but I am. I am ready.


this year I will let go... let go of the things holding me back. let go of that voice saying I am not enough. let go of things I can not change. let go of other peoples opinion.

this year I will love... I will love and nurture relationships that are worth investing into. I will love harder and with more intention. I will accept the love I receive and I will accept the love I is enough.

this year I will live... I will live richer. I will take life in. I will breath the air around me and be aware of every moment as it passes.

this year I will feel more... I will cry harder and longer. I will smile bigger and laugh louder. I will allow myself to really feel each moment.

this year I will push myself... I will push myself physically. I will push myself mentally. I will challenge myself and I will challenge those around me. to do more. be more.

this year I will not allow someone else to defeat me... I will not be frozen by words. I will not let others determine my self worth. I will not.

this year I will take control... I will stand up for myself. I will listen to my dreams. I will believe in myself.

this year I will travel... I will pick two places I have never seen before and do everything I can to get there. I will explore my own city. I will discover something new. I will be enriched by this world around me.

this year I will slow down... I will live in the moment. I will relish the good and learn from the bad.

this year I will give my life to God... because in the end no matter what I want and hope for myself...HIS plans are if none of the above happens the way I is okay because I know HE is in control.


ok and here are a few personal legit real ones..

I will accept that age is just a number...especially around October 15th when I turn a year OLDER! that being said... I will religiously keep up with botox, bc if age is just a number I should be able to look any age I want to pretend to be right?

I will stock pile some root touch up kits, lets get real if I don't have wrinkles thanks to botox, I shouldn't have gray hair either.

I want to BADLY take my children on a road trip... and I KNOW that after about 10 minutes in the car I will be rethinking this dream BUT I plan on getting us to san fransisco and do the Hwy 1 road trip down the coast.

I knew I had Italian roots somewhere in my blood line... but I found out in 2015 that I am in fact one quarter italian... thats a LOT, which leaves me to believe I need...MUST travel to Italy to visit my heritage. So a girls trip to my mother land is on my list for 2016.

I dream of collaborating with some amazing photographer influences and inspirations this year...some of which are already in the making....eeeeeek!

what else???  I am sure I will think of a few more as soon as I hit "publish" on this post...but this will hold me over for now!


HAPPY NEW YEAR's to an amazing 2016!

share with me at least one of your new year goals/dreams....