Jenna and a day of Renewal

SpankiMills_0788 "hey I need a model for a mentoring session… I have a vision and I need YOU… you ready" After going through the emails I had with my ONE on ONE mentor Tiffanie, I knew where she was struggling and what she needed help with. I had an idea and location that would be a perfect challenge for her. I had been in a funk my own self, just felt like I was in a shooting "rut" and this mentoring session came at a PERFECT time. Not only do I love seeing a new photographer so excited and full of hopes and dreams but it helped remind me WHY I too love this job. We met in the town I recently moved from which is also the same town where I started my photography business. We were eating in the local hometown cafe that happened to still have the walls decorated with images I had taken years ago of my very first few high school seniors. As we ate and went over notes, in walked Chris Whaley. If you do not know that name then you must not be from TEXAS. He is an AMAZING player for the Texas Longhorn Football team and has HUGE potential. He is the hometown hero for this tiny little town, and he happens to be one of my first few seniors. A surreal reminder of where it all started for Spanki Mills Photography.


So as we sat and talked, and I found myself getting excited about not only Tiffanies business, but my own business as well… In the middle of a town that introduced a photography business to me, in a cafe full of love for my images, and now a table away from one of my very first REAL clients…it was surreal. It was as though God put Tiffanie in my life at this very moment, and had us meet in this town, a town that means so much to my business, my family, and my heart….and He walks a past senior in to sit a table from me. Everything about this day was so so so good for my soul….and then Jenna meets us. Jenna who also happens to be a past senior client of mine, comes to the session with SUIT CASES <--- yes plural! CASES FULL of clothing. ready to be AMAZING! SpankiMills_0796SpankiMills_0797SpankiMills_0798

There are just some people who know are meant to be in your life… the same goes for my clients. I know RIGHT off those that I will work with and love, but after it is all over it is over. Others I know immediately will develop into friendships that will last forever. Whether it is the senior or the senior's momma. I just know. and Jenna is one of those that is just meant to be. If ever I feel the need to just shoot for my soul…she is the girl. and today was no different. She brought it. and with the light, and the model and the mentor and the zealous for our love for photography… THIS is what we created. My heart is once again FULL. SpankiMills_0801SpankiMills_0802SpankiMills_0800This day was meant for me. For the friendship I made in Tiffanie, for the renewal of my spirit, for the humble reminder of where I started, and for the amazing love I have for the town I was shooting in. God had shown his buttery Sun Shine down on us and we created. To see more on what a ONE on ONE mentor is look HERE.

SpankiMills_0803some BTS from the day… Chris, Tiffanie doing her thang, and Jenna seeing herself in my promo!