Madness I tell ya....


I have had so many people ask for this class again.... here you have it. ONE night, TWO hours. One hour of challenging yourself creatively with how you market your business followed by one full hour of open question and answer time. Seats to this will go quickly. This class will be a light bulb moment for you and together we will start your new year off on the right foot. If you are not making the money you want or are working way too hard to make what you do... this class will change that.

Let me tell you a little about me, I am a momma to FOUR. and as much as I wanted to believe it would get easier the older they got, I am being proven VERY WRONG. Life has flown by and my babies are now teenagers...DID  YOU HEAR ME? TEENAGERS!!!! Which means many school nights playing some sort of ball, ball that I do NOT want to miss out on. I love what I do and I love the relationships I make with each client...but it will NEVER compare to the relationships I have in my own home.  So I had to stop working 4 nights a week and figure out how to make more so I could work less. I wasn't willing to compromise on the money, if I was going to sacrifice time away from my family I was going to be compensated for it no matter what...this is NOT a hobby for me, it is a JOB.

So I changed the way I marketed myself and to whom I was marketing and have made it where I can shoot four times a month...yes I only walk out of my house to shoot FOUR times a month (and then do 4 order I am away from home at most eight evenings a month) and I make the money I want to contribute to my families income.

I will break down where I went wrong and how I had to change the way I thought to make this job work for ME and my family. It is not rocket science. I will not push you beyond realistic expectation, I will just show you there is an easier way of doing things and you will basically be prequalifying your potential clients so there is no more tears of disappointment after your order sessions.

who's with me?

email me at INFO@SPANKIMILLS.COM and reserve your seat for only $99!!

Come in your Pajamas, with a warm cup of tea or a nice glass of wine. it will be a relaxing evening cram packed full of crazy info to help you get this new year started off RIGHT!