shane // photographer headshots

2016-01-23_0034 every Sunday morning I would walk my little babies to sunday school and the halls were filled with youth. teens seaking out Gods word. I knew the faces and I watched as they grew... they grew into adults before my eyes. as the years passed by I became friends with this what seemed to be kid at the time, he was passionate, he was creative, he was a photographer.

a friendship has grown. he has became a man. and our passion of photography has bonded us. Shane is everything I can only hope my sons grow to be. we have so much fun together. we do some pretty crazy things, we laugh, we stay up way too late, we visit, we dream... it is so crazy how years ago there seemed to be such a gap between that youth that walked the halls, but today we are friends...where age differences don't matter (unless I am making him edit out my gray hair in his images of me) where we have this common ground of photography... where all that matters is a genuine relationship of friends.