Spank.stagrams | Simply Spanki group meets in person

As many of you know Simply Spanki is my online workshop and coaching group. We just completed our first three month session. I will have to say I was very unsure of how it would go... I had a very clear vision of what I WANTED but there were a few unexpected challenges as with all things we try for the first time, we just have to live and learn. And that I did. But in the end it was a fantastic group of women, we covered everything I know, use and implement in my own business and after we went over it all, they were set out on their own to work on the things discussed but had a group of support and myself to help overcome any challenges and questions that arose along the way. Three months is a LONG time... it was not three full months of teaching (is is named SIMPLY Spanki for the very reason I am extremely SIMPLE and sadly I do not have three months of information to give) it is basically every bit of information I cover in my one day workshop but this allows them to come and go as they need. To hop into the group when they have time between taking kids to the soccer meet and making dinner and see what we are going over, figure out if it is something they want to implement into their own business workflow and try it out. Over the three months we became very close. We became FRIENDS.

A few wanted to meet in person so we planned a girls weekend in Austin, TX. Some couldn't make it and we sure missed them... it was a blast!! No stress, no expectations, just a GIRLS WEEKEND amongst friends, photographers, women.


1. Our amazing house for the weekend.

2. Jill thrift shopping. What you know about rockin' a wolf on your noggin?

3. Behind the scenes of Krystal during our evening shoot.

4. 8 women getting ready at the same time... thank goodness there was a LARGE mirror in the dining room.

5. CANDY store!!

6. Our ceiling... the house was so much fun!

7. Group dinner.

8. Dani drinking away her sorrows from a LONG hard day in Texas...bee sting in the mouth and a cactus up the nose merits a beer in hand!!

9. It isn't Austin without a Hey Cupcake stop!

10. Heidi and myself working some OCF...aka headlights! ;)

11. Day time shoot!

12. the human carwash/shower. awkward placement of jets is all.

13. obsessed.

14. Ambers thrift shop find...One man's trash, that's another man's come-up.

15. Dani getting her model on while Heidi dances during our morning shoot.

16. We gonna pop some tags...

17. the front yard at night. LOVE.

18. anyone want a dental exam... it was 99 cents!

19. candy cigarette machine.

20. ATX.