SPANK.stagrams | ATX workshop

Behind the scenes at the Austin, TX "a day with Spanki" workshop

1. friday night, Amy and I relaxing  and we are ready for the morning!

2. gave the models the camera!

3. Kelly shooting a model.

4. The entire group at Sundays shootout.

5. P. Terry's hamburgers and chicken burgers...BEST.LUNCH.EVER.

6. Lorena getting her shoot on!!!

7. Brandie, Kelly, Cheri, Amy and I on the streets of downtown ATX.

8. Food trucks and cupcake man! yes we got a few free samples ;)

9. HOMESLICE... best pizza in Austin.

10. Don't ask.

11. Yes, that is the assistants "Spanki list" and yeeees there is a reminder for me to wax my lip!

12. We had to try that one out... and it was goooood.

13. Brandie (the hostess) and myself at the end of the day!

14. I had a BLAST with the models!!!

15. ooop there we are drinking our f'heck yeahs.

16. Enjoying the evening at HOMESLICE.

17. shootout models were GREAT!

18. yeah...look at that muscle...oh wait...there IS NO muscle!

19. workshop workbook and task timer.

20. waaaait... I knew that 5 seconds on the timer wasn't going to be enough so I never stopped running, turned around, and reset! :)