SPANK.stagrams | Galveston, TX workshop

SpankiMills_0961 Image credit: Gretchen Blair

Another workshop weekend has come and gone. I am left with the "Workshop Mondays" ...the day I unwind from a fast and furious week of planning and organizing and a weekend full of FUN. Mondays are bittersweet. It is the day I get to relax and spend time with my family...but it is also a day I am left missing the new friendships I have made. It is a day I am reflecting on the weekend, that moment each person walked through the door with a mixture fear, excitement, doubt, insecurity and hope on their face. We hug hello and introduce ourselves.... but by the time we all part ways we hold on to those hugs a little longer. This weekend we shared our hearts and we opened our souls to one another. We are now forever a part of each others journey.



1. Hello papa.papa-razzi ...

2. some call it posing in the sun, others call it warming up.

3. The view out of the BED from our house. I will miss the crashing waves putting me to sleep each night.

4. My generous workshop host Rosie whom I mentored 2 years ago!

5. Ann. THIS is who I want to be when I grow up. LOVE HER!

6. Just taking some time to soak it all in on the beach.

7. Thank goodness for my awesome friend Shane AKA the STUD model!

8. Ashby doing what interns do, holding the camera and taking BTS iPhone shots!

9. Angela was a Simply Spanki girl turned in person workshop girl! so glad to finally meet her in person!

10. Layla taking a moment to capture the true beauty of our location.

11. Every morning we would all stand at the windows taking pics of the view!

12. Fun times with Gretchen at the shootout!

13. Laura sacrificed herself and the warmth to be our posing model.

14. Jen rocking out the light and the stud boy model...

15. Lacey enjoying time by the waters edge.


17. if you look close you can see our little dolphin friends who joined us for coffee.

18. It wasn't cold and windy...not at all! ;)

19. yes, we had a SELFIE portion to the workshop at the attendees request! They should all be professionals now.

20. Amy and Tisha, these ladies are a blast!


Image credit: Tisha Rackley


Image credit: Amy Jones  ...and love this image. sums up the weekend filled with reflection and dreaming.