SPANK.stagrams | Laguna Beach Workshop

Laguna Beach. "A Day with Spanki" the super cool thing about this workshop was it was a weekday workshop... so it was half the amount of attendees, it was slower paced (even though we were cramming it all in) and it was a little more laid back. We rented the most adorable house... one that was COMPLETELY different than the house for Monterey but just as much character and charm. So the girls met us bright and early and we dove right in. I cracked the whip and didn't stop for lunch until TWO! Thank goodness Denise brough her yummy homemade salsa to hold the two preggo mommas and the rest of us over!! We rode the trolly downtown and had a fun lunch, then met all the models and spent the rest of the day shooting! We headed back about dark and finished up the editing/workflow portion of the workshop before we parted ways... it was a FULL FULL day, but what a great time we had! I seriously LOVE my workshop ladies!

here are a few of the instagrams from our day together... if you want to see more from "A Day with Spanki" workshops visit #adaywithspanki on Instagram.

1. Misty and I started our journey from Monterey south. We had the entire day to make it to Laguna Beach...and we got to our house a little after midnight...we used every bit of our day!

2. We HAD to stop in San Luis Obispo and find the gum wall....eeeeew

3. After we "workshoped" we all took the trolley to down town Laguna, and stopped for lunch before we had our shoot.

4. Trolley Ride

5. EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. I show my girls how I pose a model I turn around and find this... I am in the line of fire! I think this post would probably be more fun if it were their "behind the scenes" of my crazy faces!

6. Stopped along our HWY 1 trip to take in the SUN...we finally had SUN!!! (this is way out of order)

7. SELFIES on the beach...this is what you get when you have a group of photogs at a beautiful sunset!

8. Crazy dog! doesn't mind heights!

9. Our little red convertible... this was the rental car Misty and I had... we were trying to fit in.

10. Group shot!!! I had a blast with these girls! Fun memories and friendships made!