SPANK.stagrams | Monterey,CA workshop

So, I m finally settling in after my week in California and getting my kiddos prepared to start another school year! I can not begin to tell you the amazing time I had in California! This time I brought my friend Misty with me as my assistant. We flew into San Francisco and had 2 of the girls (Sarah and Lea) meet us at the airport and drive us the 2 hours to Monterey. At sunset we took a little detour to the Santa Cruz Boardwalk and Pier. After experiencing west coasters argue over a parking spot (yes, the west coasters I was riding Texans are so sweet compared to you people haha) I finally got to see my first California beach...and more importantly, lifeguard stand!!! We hung out for just a little bit before we hit the road again and made it to Monterey. We went to a little pub for dinner and had a BLAST watching people dance the evening away! I was a nervous wreck pulling up to our home for the weekend, you know renting sight unseen online is so hard, but OH MY GOODNESS we had the most adorable home ever (do I not say that for EVERY workshop) this house was out of a magazine perfect! So we got up early and got prepared and spent the day workshopping and shooting. I had an amazing group of girls join me and seriously can not wait to go back to visit them again!

Sunday we had a little time that morning while our models were getting ready to go walk around town (my first time out in the day light) to see!!! We saw REAL live SEALS! I am not even kidding! It was so magical. The shootout was PERFECT! Our models... I can not even put into works how great they were... you will see when I post their images! We had a local news anchor and her beau for our couple and OMG were they HOT! We even had a few girls aspiring to become modes some got into...YES, IN TO to the water that was ICE (what they would do for an amazing image) It seriously made for the BEST time! When we hit the bed that night we were exhausted but on a high from the past few days.

Monday started a new day and new journey as we drove from Monterey down the coast through LA and to Laguna Beach to the next workshop... images for the next workshop and the "real camera images" from this workshop are coming soon!!! Until then enjoy our instagrams and to see more check out #adaywithspanki on FB and IG.


1. I could NOT wait to see my first lifeguard stand on a California beach!!!

2. getting our workshop on! Gosh I talk with my (man) HANDS!

3. Sweet sweet Laura... my Monterey workshop hostess did an AMAZING job!!!

4. Shooting! We had a model get IN the cold... I mean FREEZING COLD water for us.

5. Behind the scenes of the girls shooting our amazing models.

6. One of the most fun nights I have had in a long time... we went to a pub and watched people dance!

7. The group out sight seeing.

8. Um. Why didn't I really "get" how cold it was going to be until I got there!!!

9. Shark weeeeek!!!

10. Misty and I looking for seals!.

11. Oh how I can not express how amazing our models were!

12. Me 'splanin how the shootout will work...bossy.

13. OH. MY. GOODNESS. Our house had to be the cutest house in all of Pacific Grove!

14. Mia and myself just defying gravity...or playing with the hill we were walking down!

15. Chucks and sea creatures.

and the BEST for last... yes we merged two images together... but this just sums up our time together... SO FUN!! (we are missing Aaryn and thanks to Misty who took this image)