SPANK.stagrams | weekend life

blog-2 1. Stayed at my parents condo while we house hunted for the weekend.

2. Gosh when did my baby boy turn into a TEEN?

3. The kids love standing out on the patio watching the hustle and bustle from down below.

4. always. there is ALWAYS a photo op and I LOVE that my kids go along with it.

5. We got to hang out and go to dinner with my bestie in Austin and Paysli and Riley were turtle watching.

6. my baby... starting to look like a GIRL.

7. then we headed back to Montgomery to my parents house for one last swim in their pool before they sold their home.

8. MY Holly B...ok so she's not MINE...but I try to get as much of her as I can.

9. we stopped at a small town diner to eat and the desert menu won us over!

10. our first stop when we go to austin HAS to be at P Terrys budget stand.

11. my boys can't get enough water. fishing, swimming...they did it all.

12. OMG at that face!

13. well apparently I didn't have a 13. ha

14. we looked at a property that had its very own landing strip and hanger. Paysli loved playing she was an airplane.

15. more night time swimming.

16. and what is a weekend with no baseball..its not a weekend we know, that is for sure!