SPANK.stagrams | WPPI 2013

Well it was another FUN time at WPPI 2013! I had a goal this year. Work has been stressful and I was so excited to go, learn, see, meet, and network... but I also knew I wanted to get away, have fun and let my hair down. The WPPI is a week FULL of amazing information, but there have been times in the past that I come home MUSH. My head spinning with information and almost at a lost at how to implement it or what direction to go in to utilize what I have heard. This year was different. It was EXACTLY what I needed. I went with a new friend Misty, a photographer new to the industry  just getting started. I wanted her to have the full experience.It was perfect, we  meet up with my other sweet sweet friend Amy and we went to a few classes, walked the trade show floor and got to see what it was all about BUT we also had a great girls time too! So here is a little recap in INSTAGRAMS from our time there.

1. This was my first time flying at night.

2. Okay WEIRD. as soon as we checked into our room, our neighbors were in the middle of a CRAZY fight... yep totally NOT cool to tell pretty ladies in Vegas that the woman you are with is your sister, when actually it is your WIFE!!! ummm huh. we heard it!

3. Got to meet up with some sweet FB friends for breakfast the first morning we were there.

4. The ONLY early class I went to was to support my sweet sweet friend Jamie Schultz. She was AMAZING!

5. yes, you are seeing that right... no clothes, just paint... only in VEGAS!!

6. Jesh DeRox... need I say more?

7. Sue Bryce... I know, be jealous ;)

8. Misty and I eating dinner and people watching... looks like we should have been watching the lady behind us... clearly she had fun in vegas!!!

9. WINNER WINNER!!! Amy racked up on the slots... I TOLD them to follow me to the HOT machines...too bad Vegas HATES ME! :(

10. Just checking on the neighbors again!

11. The trade show floor...everything a photographer could dream of!!! (dangerous on the wallet)

12. The Design Aglow ladies... so fun to meet in person the people I email and work with.

13. Misty tough me Roulette. again...SHE still HATES ME.

14. Got to see my super fab assistant Kathy!

15. Misty and Amy trying to figure out where the money went...

16. Sneaking out of our room in our PJs and sunglasses to head down to get a drink hoping no one would notice us!

17. Got the drink and headed back to the room for a girls night in!

18. Three besties out on the town!!

19.  Gary Fong!!

20. One of my favorite vendors WoodSnap. Christian was making me feel famous since I was on the brochure.

21. Yes there is MY quote...well SORT of MINE ;)

22. Getting in a little work with Kathy... who REALLY works in VEGAS?

23. Every day we took a picture waiting on the elevator since the window light was MAGIC!

24. Hanging out with a few more of my FB fans... Love that they recognized me and said hello!

25. George Varanakis with the CreativeLive team!

I was on the fence about going this year, last minute I decided to go and am so glad I did. I seriously can not say enough how much I enjoy going, learning and seeing so many of my long distance friends, BUT I was sure glad to get home and back to my family!