staying on TASK

There is NO WAY I can get through a day...well I should say PRODUCTIVE day, without my TIMER (these are from Anthropologie). I like to call this little guy my "task timer" because...well, he keeps me on task! I start each Monday with a blank page. I make two list... "this week" and a "today".

I have come to realize I need to treat myself like a first grader if I truly want to get anything accomplished. When I start making list of things I need "to do" I seem to add completely random things, it is almost like my "to do" list turns into my "to dream" list. I get completely overwhelmed and then get little of it done. So I have decided to keep it SIMPLE.

I am like a dog that needs a reward for completing the most simple of tasks. My reward comes in the form of a simple line . I have this strange obsession with CROSSING THINGS OFF MY LIST. I have been known to...and don't lie... you do too... write something on my list that I did that wasn't even on there just so I can CROSS IT OFF. So I start my day off with a list, and I give myself a time limit to get it done. Editing for example, I know that my poor little brain can only edit in about 30 minute intervals. Emails I allow about 15 minutes at a time for. SO. What I do it set my timer and get after my task. Once it goes off, I cross through that task on my list and maybe add to the list something like "finish editing so and so gallery" Yes, I added to my list, BUT I see the fruits of my labor with that simple yet so rewarding CROSS THROUGH. Then I allow myself to get up and walk away. I will call a girlfriend, put a load of laundry into washer, maybe take a shower...ha nothing extravagant, but hey who said my life was glamorous?

I will come back refreshed and ready to be focused again on the next item on my list. I know you are all thinking it... so lets address it... I hear you saying "where is your facebook time girl" I know, I know... I have it and I have it without guilt. What I do (and somedays better than others) my facebook time is when I am drinking my coffee, or when I eat a snack or lunch, THAT is my free time. But once the food/drink is gone, it is back to work for me. It is like dieting. I do not deprive myself of the JUNK, but I try my best to do it in moderation.

I know it sounds simple, and some of you are now thinking I have the mentality of a twelve year old... all I can say to that is "I am rubber and you are glue, whatever you say bounces off of me and..... :P)

I also get asked quiet often what are the papers on my desk... well, they are what I like to call my looove notes (could you tell I said that in my best Barry White voice?) They are sweet letters from my fans/friends and little pictures of places I have been that make me happy. I like to surround myself with as much HAPPY as I can. I work best when I am happy. My office is my happy place.

**DISCLAIMER: I have a TON of these timers because I give them as gifts.... I do not recommend setting them all at once...tried it... all it seems to do is make the wine go down faster!**