the LITTLES turn


It was Good Friday. The kids didn't have school and we needed something to do. They had been really showing an interest in my camera lately so I decided to do a crash course in camera 101 for them. They asked for me to model and let them give me a "session" ...I couldn't believe they REALLY wanted to learn! They all brought their phones so the one that didn't have the "professional" camera, the others were being iPhone-ographers. I LOVED it. I loved letting them direct me and learn how to shoot on MANUAL. I was shocked when I uploaded my memory card. The light was really bad, very dark heavy clouds and we were in the deep woods but other than that they turned out great...I just love that we created a fun memory together.

they all had to take turns showing me their work all the while someone was still snapping... kind of funny going on a shoot with 4 cameras pointing at you...INTIMIDATING! This last image was taken by my 7 year old daughter... she didn't feel like she had a fair share with the "real" camera so we shot a few in my office...these kids are gooooood. (although I might be a little partial)