The Reset Confrence

SpankiMills_1216 (Bex, myself, Kellie, Bobbi and Mike)

I will never forget the email I got from Bex telling me about The Reset Conference. About her and Kellie's dream of a conference to help inspire and educate others. I was blown away and so humbled that she was asking ME to be a keynote speaker. I will remember our first phone call like it happened yesterday. A stranger. Someone I had never heard of or spoke to before... God put her in my life and the minute I talked to her for the first time I just KNEW. We talked for almost two hours...TWO HOURS! Like we had known each other for years. We talked about business, family, our chaotic and busy lives, about God and our parallel faith. We talked about our dreams, goals, fears, determination to overcome those fears and so much more. This girl was meant for me. She is a forever friend.  We briefly met at WPPI a few months later but those of  you who have been know what a crazy busy time that week is and coordinating a meet up is almost impossible. So it wasn't until she was picking me up from the airport the weekend of the conference did I really get to KNOW her in real life.

Her and Kellie, whom I was meeting for the first time too, were more than I could have asked for in hostesses and as friends. They showed me around the town of Champaign. We ate...GOOD... and shopped and enjoyed each others company all of Saturday before it was time to crack down and be ready for the full day of conference Sunday! Enjoy a recap of  my trip via my SPANK.stagrams...reset blog

1. Well I was enjoying my cup of jo special THANKS to my sweet friend Marie owner of Bloom & Grow Photography who gifted me a start bucks card via FB!

2. the obligatory "wing in the air" shot

3. FINALLY got to meet my sweet BEX!!!

4. When I landed the scooped me up from the airport and took me to get sushi... FLAMING SUSHI!!

5. Bex, simmer down with the camera you photog.

6. WHAT...again? gah crazy girl.

7. obligatory coffee house know..."when in a coffee house do as the coffee house peeps do"... oh. did I make that up?

8. Sweet Kellie, we had SUCH a fun time over breakfast!

9. "when in an alley with crazy fun as the peeps in the alley"... oh am I making this one up too?

10. Bex writing on the dry erase wall in the coffee shop....leaving our mark.

11. because its the truth.

12. poppin tags...

13. dinner with the speakers!

14. getting our speeches ready for the conference.

15. is that Bex stressing her presentation or covering her nose from the dog's "little extra smelly gifts" you decide...

16. officially a peeper... I see your door ladies!

17. ALL OF MY FAVORITE things in one cute box on my bed from Bex and Kellie! So sweet and thoughtful.

18.eeeeek I FINALLY got to meet and HUG Kim from SHUTTERbagUSA I adore her real leather bags!

19. whaaaa a Photo Booth! get out. a room full of photographers + a Photo Booth = can not pull me out of that thing!

20. I seriously was so so so excited to get to meet all the fun people I am friends with on FB in REAL LIFE!!!

21. feet.hurt. loooong day.

22. again. Bex. get outta mah food woman.

23. these sweet ladies brought me coffee while I packed up and headed to the airport.

24. FUN weekend but was ready to head home to see my family! (thats not really me in that plane) ;)



so serious I am. speechin'

It was a FANTASTIC weekend. I am so grateful for the relationships I have made throughout my journey. I know I say it often but this is a gift I never expected out of photograph and it is one I NEVER feel worthy of deserving.