The Theit Bag.

SpankiMills_1406 I was asked to share what is "in my bag" so here you are... This is my new Theit Bag. I love it! I don't carry much equipment with me, ok who am I kidding... I don't OWN a bunch of equipment. Remember that time I sold everything I owned on Facebook except my camera body and ONE lens and decided if I couldn't love my work with just the basics I needed to just quit...yah so here we are! I ended up creating a style and loving the simplicity of it and 5 years later I have only added three more lenses and that is it! SpankiMills_1407SpankiMills_1408

Most of you know how simple I am and how that transfers into my shooting style as well. When I sold all of my equipment I sold my Canon 5D Mark II and all the L senses I had acquired and bought myself a Nikon D700 and the 50mm f/1.4 lens. I have added the Nikor 85mm f/1.4 and the Nikor 35mm f/1.4 and the Lensbaby Composer Pro Edge 80 optic to my stash and that is ALL! I will break it down for those of you who want to know why I have what I do... I shoot with the 50mm about 75% of the time mainly because it is what I am most comfortable with and I have grown used to being able to reach out and fix a fly away hair or fix a strap that is showing. I am what they call a "touchy feely photographer" and I like it. I have recently (within the past year and a half) started shooting with my 35mm a lot more, mainly with my lifestyle family session. Most of those sessions are in my clients home or on downtown streets and because of that I want to fit is as much of the surroundings as I can. I have the 85mm but I will be honest, I just don't shoot with it that much. I have tried and I feel like one day I will fall in love with it like the rest of you but because I love being all up in my clients face this lens makes it hard for me and I feel like I need to write a post card to my client when I am shooting with it. I won't part with it because I WILL give it another try.... I promise! and my Lensbaby, ooooh how I adore my Lensbaby. We all come to those cross roads where we start to question our own art and our heart for it. As you have read in the past, I came to that point where I just didn't love what I was creating anymore and I decided to let it all go, I added the LB to my arsenal and it has defiantly pulled me out of a creative rut and allowed me to shoot carefree and let go of the "expected" .  I also carry 3 Hoodman Steel 16GB cards with me (because I think they are the best and paired with the Hoodman card reader there is NOTHING faster). That is it y'all. That is "what's in my bag". Let me know what is in YOUR bag and if there is anything I MUST get! Any questions? ask away! :)


IMAGE CREDIT: Brylen Mills my 13 yr old son! ;)