Wall Collage | WoodSnap art

When we went to Chicago a few years ago, I decided not to carry my professional camera with me all over town but instead just take my cell phone as my only camera. This was my first time to visit Chicago and I was just in love with the architecture and feel of this amazing city.

When I got home and went through my images, I was so in love with them I wanted to print them and have them as a display in my home. I had seen a new product at the WPPI where your images could be printed directly onto wood... this seemed like the perfect way to display my cell phone images and to create an art collage in my home. So I chose 9 of my favorite and sent them to WoodSnap.com ...

They turned out AMAZING! I love love love how unique my images are on WOOD! I could not wait to get them hung....until I realized MATH might have to be involved!! YIKES! So the cool thing about my Wood Snaps are on the back they have a cut out for easy hanging (and when you are hanging NINE that comes in handy) So I flipped them over and got them all leveled and spaced out like I wanted. Then I cut a piece of brown shipping paper and laid it over them and shaded with a pencil where the "grooved cut out was" ... I know...sooo technical! ;)

I then taped the brown shipping paper to my wall, made sure it was level and then hammered my nails on the lines of the grooves from the Wood Snaps.  Then took the paper down, nailed the nails back into the holes already made and hung my Snaps...did some minor adjusting and D.O.N.E.