We are young...Dallas, TX senior

SpankiMills_1023 "Tonight, We are young, So let’s set the world on fire...We can burn brighter than the sun" We are Young by Fun

Toni. A Dallas Texas native. College Senior. Something was so magical about this session. I am not sure if it was Toni, or the first sight of that hazy warm sun that graced us, or the crisp weather... or a combination of it all. But THIS is the very reason I am a photographer. For the days that magic appears. For the clients that "get me" and can easily translate my vision into a reality. That allow my lens to catch a glimpse into their soul and allow my photographs to speak words that have never been spoken outside of the quiet of her mind. That moment that offers an unspoken connection between myself and the person I am photographing only to be interrupted by my lens. This is why I am a photographer.