what is a one on one with Spank?

Well many of you saw a few images on my IG feed from my ONE on ONE day with Tiffanie and started asking questions. What is a ONE on ONE and how is it different than a workshop? A workshop, obviously is a group setting and is intended for those who are already started in a photography business, no matter what level you are at, but we do not go over the start up (like getting legal)… we dive right into pricing, marketing, clients, shooting and selling. It is a FAST weekend FULL of information and shooting. That is one thing so many, including myself love about the workshops too, it is a weekend FULL of laughing, learning and growing with friends. A ONE on ONE session is really for anyone, new or established, it is catered to YOUR needs and some people like the more slow paced personalized day. Some of  you learn better this way. We go over where you are and where you are struggling most before we meet so I know how to schedule our day. The shooting portion is specifically catered to help where you need the most improvement. Including going over camera settings and shooting in manual if needed.

The ONE on ONE is VERY similar to a workshop it is just formed to work around your personality and schedule a little more, that is all… and if you are interested in a TWO or THREE on ONE, let me know… you can make a fun friends trip to me….or I can come to YOU.



My day with Tiffanie went a little like this:


We met at about 10:00am ate a little and chatted, I love getting to REALLY know you and hear your story. I want to know why you reached out to me and how I can help. (we did some of this prior to meeting via email as well) We talked, and she took notes, we went over the tools and templates I use for my clients and shared my emails, promo pieces, and marketing ideas until we stopped to eat lunch. Then we started going over my client process (using the model we were going to shoot later that day) I showed Tiffany how I interact with my clients not only for booking but for location and styling to create a session we BOTH love. Then we packed our things up and walked around location scouting, looking at light and getting ready for the model. We shot our model in a few of my favorite locations and I challenged Tiffanie with lighting by shooting in a building, shooting in open shade and in full sun. I wanted her to be put in situations that my come up during a real session and help her problem solve while I was there to help so she felt better about it when she was shooting on her own. After we shot we went to dinner and while we waited on our food we uploaded our images from the day and culled… we rushed through our food because we were so anxious to start EDITING!!! here are a few final images Tiffanie sent me! WHAT WHAT…they are AWESOME!!!!


Since our day together I have been in contact with Tiffanie via email, going over any more questions she runs into along the way… when our day is over our time together is just beginning. I LOVE getting the opportunity to watch her journey unfold and take flight before my eyes.

"I had such a fabulous time on my day with Spanki. A tell all is exactly what you get. Spanki does not hold anything back!!! I feel so much more confident and I am ready to tackle the next aspect of my business!! Thank you Spanki"

If you are interested in a ONE on ONE  ( 2 on ONE, 3 on ONE, etc) email me and we will chat… I only open a few spots a year as it is a FULL and lots of emails and skypes through out the year. Can not wait to see what this next year has in store…


**to see my images from our day together look HERE