Why not...the tales of last minute.

Processed with VSCOcam with g3 preset "babe, can we REALLY make this happen in ONE day"? For some very strange reason…had nothing to do with the fact that we have FOUR kids and we lost our thought process a LONG time ago… I just assumed my kids got out of school for the Thanksgiving holidays on Tuesday just like the rest of the surrounding schools. Never did it cross my mind that they actually got out on the Friday before! The minute we figured it out, we…as in ME…started scheming a last minute trip.

Now many of you that know me, know I am NOT a planner and I rarely commit. I am not sure what it is about those two words but they give me the hives. I am a FLY BE THE SEAT OF MY PANTS kinda gal. My mother HATES it and I have given my husband more gray hairs than he cares to mention that he will point out as named SPANKI. I just like to live on a whim. Why does that have to be a bad thing? Okay so yes, a few things in life are better planning, but when I say I am NOT a planner I MEAN it. Not one of my children were planned, HECK even my marriage to my husband wasn't planned, my business wasn't planned….nothing. But they have all worked out. It just works for ME…and I like it.

So Friday when we realized our kids were getting out for a long holiday I started searching my weather app to find the nearest predicted snow. We live in Texas and it is HOT all the time, and yes a cold snap was coming in but lets face it cold just isn't as much fun without snow. Once my oh so logical husband caught on to what I was scheming, he started doing the math (another word that gives me hives) and for a family of six to drive 12 plus hours would cost a pretty penny. And that is when my husband of fourteen years said something I NEVER expected to come out of his reasonable mouth… "why don't we search flights somewhere". The words no sooner came out of his mouth and I was already on Expedia. We searched our favorite spots... California, Vegas, Colorado, Chicago…what! CHICAGO tickets for TOMORROW are less than I have EVER seen them. but it is for TOMORROW!

so my friends, we booked a flight for the six of us, called and got a hotel reservation and picked the kids up from school with HUGE news… we are leaving on a jet plane.


Our flight landed and we got checked into the hotel about 9pm and decided to walk the streets to visit Gino's East for some deep dish Chicago style pizza…I will have to admit that night we were thinking we were NUTS, it was 20* and with the windchill it was a feels like -2*. We honestly didn't know how we would make it through the next few days… But surprisingly enough, it wasn't bad at all! Sunday morning we headed to The Magnificent Mile for a heavy jacket for Paysli and we were off to explore the city!


We finished the evening off with a stop at a hot chocolate bar our friend had told us about, it was so fancy and fun for the kids, you got to add your own toppings…and Heath and I got to add our own alcohol. SCORE.  We HAD to vist the American Girl store for Paysli, she got her very FIRST American Girl doll for an early birthday present, the boys got to hail us cabs, and we ate dinner at Portillo"s Hot Dog and finished the evening off with some indoor swimming at the hotel. Every meal we ate we did off recommendation from native Chicagoans and they KNEW what they were talking about!! SpankiMills_0859SpankiMills_0860SpankiMills_0861SpankiMills_0862

Years ago when my husband had to go to an Allstate conference, He and I stayed in a little town outside Chicago called Glenco. From that moment on I was in love with this little city and knew I waned to go back. So Monday we took the train (those of you who ride trains often don't low how exciting it is for us Texans to see an entirely different lifestyle) we got us a few bags of Garrett's Popcorn and headed out! As soon as we got on the train we started seeing snow flakes…again us southerners were EXCITED!!! SpankiMills_0863SpankiMills_0864SpankiMills_0865SpankiMills_0866SpankiMills_0867SpankiMills_0868SpankiMills_0869SpankiMills_0870SpankiMills_0871SpankiMills_0872SpankiMills_0873SpankiMills_0874SpankiMills_0875

My heart skipped a beat to get to watch my kids experience such an amazing time on the shores of a great lake while it was snowing! We got back on the train and headed right back to the Bean for more iceskating and MORE deep dish pizza, this time at Giordanos. SpankiMills_0877SpankiMills_0880SpankiMills_0878SpankiMills_0879

Seriously I loved Chicago before, and I knew I wanted my children to experience it with me, but i had no idea it would turn out to be such a PERFECT trip…see, sometimes living on a whim is a GOOD THING! ;) Have a fun, safe, and Happy Thanksgiving friends. I know I am blessed beyond measure and truly thankful for each of YOU.