SPANK.stagrams | real life

spank.stagrams Life has been a little bit of crazy. A mommy of four means I have little time to just sit and do nothing... so what have I been up to lately?

1. My twins have had 2 major school projects which as you know turns into a "mommy project" I am happy to repost I can officially pass the 6th grade again! ;) (I am kidding, this time they actually did the majority of the project themselves... it is hard for me not to pull out my hot glue gun and glitter and take over, but being BOYS they seem to have an issue with me putting pink glitter on their class work...maybe my daughter will appreciate it more)

2. Yet another Valentines Day has come and gone... the hubby took me on an out of town road trip date day (ok so really that was just a fancy way of saying we had something to do out of town and threw in a "date" lunch) so we left a little something on the table so when the kiddos got home from school they'd have a little treat...candy, stuffed animals and Starbucks Mochas with a little note telling them "You MOCHA us proud to be your parents) yes people, thats as CREATIVE as this once very creative momma gets these days.

3. Our Valentines day road trip selfie. (really you all know car light is the BEST sooooo.... it was more about looking good in the light than capturing the moment) ;)

4. Oh did I mention that our Valentines consisted of walking property? Soooo romantic... funny though, our first Feb 14th SIXTEEN years ago was spent doing the exact same thing!

5. This past month I did another full day 1:1 mentoring session and they are FULL days to say the least, but so much fun. I LOVE getting to hear each story, dream, and journey.

6. We had an amazing model, Carly.

7. Not sure, but when I teach I clearly channel Vanna White and make it look pretty good...wouldn't you say ;)

8. is select ball season again. This is one half of my duo, Brylen but on the field he is known as Ya-ya (because I love the Sandlot and it is just as cute as he is)

9. If it isn't baseball, or volleyball, it is running my 14 yr old from track practice right over to his 7:7 football practice... is it time for a margarita yet?

10. THIS makes all the running, laundry and stinky socks worth it.

11. Oh annnnnd.... Pretty Paysli had her very first speaking part in her 2nd grade play, if you couldn't tell by the very awesome and oh so elaborate homemade costume, she was a ladybug! (don't hate on my sewing hot glue gunning skill)

12. Pacen, the other part of the twin duo in this house... also known as Pac-man on the baseball field. He just eats it up...haha get it " it up) yah I think I need that margarita now, I am so much more funny when I have been drinking! ;)

enjoy a few images of Carly from our mentoring day!