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JEHOVAH JIREH: The Revelation of the Name Jehovah-JirehGenesis 22:12-14. The meaning of this name is The Lord Who Provides. The name is literally, The Lord Who Sees, or The Lord Who Will See To It. This is what we long for when we have a need that is personal and special; One who will see to our needs and provide for us. This is what Jehovah-Jireh means; the Lord Who will see to it that my every need is met. One Who knows my need because He sees. Well. I finally did it. I joined the world of the inked. I have wanted a tattoo for almost 10 years now, but my hate for needles and lack of commitment has held me back. I knew what I wanted and why, just never knew where I should put it and then had muster up the courage to face that needle! JEHOVA JIREAH. My God the PROVIDER. I have had many trials as an adult (as we all do) I am embracing my story... it is me.

first being told I would have a very hard time (if ever) having children were words that resonated deep within me. When I miscarried my first, I was beyond devastated. It wasn't a planned or even expected pregnancy, I was only twenty-two. But for me a baby is a baby and that baby was a gift from God. He however had a different plan and took that baby home a little shy of 4 months gestation. I then got pregnant with another baby. Not willing to except the hurt of loosing another, I kept it from friends and family until it seemed like it was here to stay. At six months I went into MAJOR preterm labor and was told I needed to accept a very preterm baby with several obstacles to overcome to even have a chance of survival at life.

I fought.

I went to the doctor every other day for 3 months to get injected with steroids to grow my little baby and prepare him for delivery.

I prayed. HARD.

on complete bedrest, no visits, no intense TV shows, no nothing. I laid. for days. praying to God to give me this baby.

Every week I had to get tested to to check my levels and as I prayed, those levels continually went down. The doctor was in disbelief. each week that passed I was further and further from delivery. So much so that at 37 weeks I was taken off bed rest...but couldn't walk because my pelvic bones didn't have the gradual weight to spread with the growth of my baby... but I didn't care. I was keeping him in as long as he wanted to stay. yes, He is BAYLEN, my oldest son, FIRST miracle and gift from my PROVIDER.

Knowing the struggles we had with the first two pregnancies, starting early to give our son a sibling seemed to be the best option. Well, I was sick.


went to the doctor and what do you know, I was pregnant... with TWINS.

again. I prayed. HARD.

same song and dance with high risk pregnancy. This time I decided to go to a specialist in multiple births. He was worried. But strong. pushed me and pushed my body and after a very long VERY sick eight and a half months, I delivered full term VERY healthy twin boys. Pacen and Brylen. Our second and third miracles from my PROVIDER.

fast forward two years. We find out my son (on of the twins) has a serious bone disease. No cure known in all of history except for amputation. Yes. I was told my 2 year old son was going to have to have his leg amputated to ever have a chance of "normal" life if he were to break it...after about 3 months of knowing about his leg, he decides to jump off the bed. Yep. BROKE. long story short...after a cast, another cast, a tiny little baby walker, more cast, and a brace... my baby was pulling himself around our house by his arms. It was time to do something.

I prayed. HARD. with all I had in me.

I was a peace at what God had planned for my son and last minute before the amputation, we were asked to do an experimental surgery on my child. Lots of tears LOTS of prayers and we decided to give it a try. Today, my son is the FIRST case in HISTORY to KEEP his leg... he is now 11 years old and healthy, fast, and a miracle from MY PROVIDER! (I will post more about this story soon)

We took our entire family to get my tattoo... the kids got to watch and draw while I was getting mine done The middle images is my daughters idea of a "tattoo" for me.

so there you have it. JEHOVAH JIREH.


It belongs on my body. where the world can see. I am ME because of HIM.