so I told you I'd tell you…

You are minding my own business walking down the sidewalk on your way to meet a friend for lunch when all of a sudden the sidewalk reaches up and grabs your shoe, and next thing you know you are stumbling around like a drunk idiot….do you pretend it never happened and pray that no one saw you, do you look back at the ground because clearly you must have tripped over that hand from The Addams Family. Do you laugh?  When I said on Facebook that I am the weirdo who will announce to the world what I did. I am not kidding. I would have stopped the nearest walker by and through the tears of laughter pointed to the ground and showed with hand gestures exactly how it all "went down"! SpankiMills_0807

So we had briefly met, we were both photographers from the same town and our kids were in the same grade. Last minute we decided to plan a trip to the WPPI together. FIRST. NIGHT. THERE. with my new friend.

We go to bed, about 4am I wake up having to pee (thank you to the vodka tonics we had the night before, BUT I was NOT drunk…that makes this that much more funny) My bed was the one near the windows, furthest from the bathroom so I grab my phone to use the light of the screen to sneak into the bathroom so I do not wake up my new roommate… turn on the bathroom light to pee then turn it off and flick on my cell phone again to use the dim light to find my way back to bed. Well apparently my eyes had not adjusted from the bright bathroom light so I was having to McGiver my way to my bed… I am patting my hands out in front of me (you know you have done this too) and finally felt the foot of my bed.

In what now seem like a very rash decision, I took a HUGE LEAP from standing at the foot of my bed to where I needed to lay… one problem.

in my moment of blindness, I am not sure what I was feeling…but it wan't the foot of my bed because when I took my HUGE leap onto what I thought was my bed was really that space between the two queen beds… you know, that HARD FLOOR PART! yep


that was the sound of my entire weighted body hitting the floor between my bed and hers! OMGoooosh!!! I JUMPED to my feet real fast thinking if I recover quickly she wouldn't wake up (as though the noise never happened) After startling her from her slumber, she asked "are you okay" "um yep, yep, I am good, just stumped my toe, I am fine…totally in my bed, I made it in my bed, I didn't fall, I am good…in my bed, night"

3 seconds later….LAUGHTER…uncontrollable LAUGHTER I couldn't hold it in, I had to fess up to what she missed..."hey did you see what I just did, I JUMPED onto my bed but it wasn't my bed, and I hit the floor" MORE LAUGHTER…

On top of that, I had to text my husband, YES at 4am to tell him what an idiot I was. Woke up the next day with carpet burn on my knees and sore legs and shoulders which was a constant reminder throughout the day of my awesome DIVE onto the ground which then prompted to tell any and everyone we came across… "wanna know what I did…  you won't believe it"…..

SERIOUSLY. this happened to me. I don't even know what to say. such a SPANKI thing!

Now, just a tiny heads up… for the past 3 workshops in a row someone has wiped out…just walking and talking and the next thing you know they are gone…GONE, you look back and there they are, laid out on the ground… I am contagious. and THIS is why my workshop girls really do get the ST END half of my BE-ST FRI-END necklace!


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