so much to say

WOW. there is so much moving and shaking around here! I wanted to give you all a little heads up as to what I am doing and where I am with some of my workshops and online events! First up: the Fresh and Beautiful: Photographers Guide to Makeup 101. This class is open NOT ONLY for photographers this is a great educational class on how to properly apply makeup! BUT for you photographers who are having a hard time finding a reliable (lets face it we BOTH have very busy schedules) artist or it is hard just to coordinate with an artist to come to your sessions... We are hosting a class to help TEACH YOU not only how to apply makeup to your client BUT how to help cut your editing time in HALF with proper application...sooo this is not only helping add value to YOUR business from a clients prospective, it is saving you time in post as well. FIND MORE DETAILS HERE!

NEXT on the agenda... AUSTIN workshop!!! it is almost here and it is going to be AMAZING!!! Join us April 20 for the full day workshop. Email me at: for more information!

ATX SHOOTOUT is open to ANYONE on Sunday, April 21st. Four hours of shooting on your own or watching me pose, instruct and shoot the models...add fresh work to your portfolio in ONE day of shooting. These shootouts are so much fun and a great way to get you back in your "shooting groove"!! email me for more info: subject:SHOOTOUT.

and LAST to chat about: SIMPLY SPANKI my three month online workshop. INFO HERE the next SS will NOT be May 1st as planned. After hosing my first session I am seeing how much we are as a group putting into this workshop. It is intense and FULL of information. We are getting all of our ducks in a row to hit marketing and wowing our clients, together working on pricing, and promo materials, shooting and problem solving. In a nut shell it is a TON of information packed into what seems to be a very short amount of time and to give it and YOU, my ALL... I want the time it takes to do so and feel like I'd be cheating you, myself and most importantly my family the summer if I did one during the time my kids were off... SO the NEXT SIMPLY SPANKI will not start until August 1st. Keep an eye out for registration as I do have a very long waiting list started and seats will be limited.

So that just about has it summed up. I am busy busy but very excited about all that we are working on and LOVING all of you I am meeting and becoming friends with!!! xoxo